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Describe the current situation of oil filling machine in the market

2022-06-22 16:59:10 1188 Go Back

The rapid development of domestic plastic bottle packaging materials stimulates the development of oil filling machine

In recent years, the production of packaging products in the packaging industry has grown steadily, which gradually drives the development trend of oil filling machine. Because plastic bottles in the plastic material is often relatively strong, therefore, the application of plastic bottles than glass bottles.

With the development of domestic plastic bottle packaging market, oil filling machine industry has also been rapid development, and gradually formed its own advantages in the oil filling machine equipment manufacturing industry. Oil filling machine covers oil industry, oil industry, industrial oil industry and other oil industry, and attracts more and more oil industry customers to choose oil filling machine.

Oil filling machine in order to adapt to these different shapes of plastic bottles, had to develop the so-called universal filling machine. Filling measurement range is infinite, the equipment can adapt to all bottle types, which also reflects the combination of practical productivity and theoretical science and technology. The development trend of oil filling machinery continuously improves the automation degree of single machine, and improves the automation control level and production capacity of the whole packaging production line.